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Take the First Step with Accessible Zoning Data

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Uncover your property’s potential with zoning data in BHR RealReport™

Announcing the addition of zoning data to every BHR RealReports™

The newest addition to BHR gives you access to extensive data about zoning types, permitted uses, conditional uses, prohibited uses and more for any property in the US.

For real estate professions, zoning data is crucial:

  • Zoning impacts property use, resale value, and investment potential
  • Zoning classification gives a sense of building types, height, density, and setbacks
  • Regulations affects neighborhood character and prospective growth by impacting the type of businesses allowed in the area. Influences to public services and amenities can affect desirability and livability of the area.

To access the new zoning data feature, purchase a RealReport™ for any property on the BHR app

In addition to the detailed zoning information, each RealReport™ also comes with our existing suite of property information, including:

  • Permits
  • Short-term rental potential
  • Open liens
  • Ownership/loan history
  • Climate risk
  • Hazardous materials
  • Average weather
  • Market trends
  • And much more!

If there’s information you want to see in RealReport™, reach out to us on our website.

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