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Unlock Climate Risk Scores with Your Home’s RealReports™

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RealReports™ now include climate risk scores for flood, wildfire, air quality, earthquake, tsunami, volcano, and more.

Exciting news this week – RealReports™ will now include a wide range of climate risk data!

Now, you can access flood risk, wildfire potential, air quality, earthquakes, tsunami danger, and more for any property in the US.

At BHR, our team understands the significance of climate risk data.

In 2021, our co-founder, James, and his wife were in the process of purchasing a home in California when over ten insurance companies rejected their application due to wildfire risk.

This was information neither they nor the seller had, and it almost resulted in them being forced to buy an uninsurable property.  Luckily they were able to pause the deal.

This is one of many examples of why climate data needs to be readily assessable. We’re excited to be able to offer it to you on BHR.

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